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We at DazzleNow try to help women be their most confident, dazzling self through jewelry and makeup. It's been our sole mission since we launched in 2016. Trusted by over 60,000 women across 4 continents. DazzleNow celebrates the modern woman who oozes confidence all while looking her absolute best. Our jewelry is exquisite for the beautiful, young woman you are. Our goal is to provide affordable high quality fashion to women all around the world. We offer a vast collection of fashion accessories to take your wardrobe to new levels of awesome!

We directly work with jewelry designers to bring you the best and latest so you can count on us to keep your wardrobe on par with what's trending. We're very active on social media so make sure you check us out and follow us and stay connected to be in know.

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Email - support@dazzlenowofficial.com
Feel free to write to us if you ever need anything :)

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